About Tae Eady




Tae Eady (artist/activist) is a doula (mother's keeper) and lactation consultant specializing in teen pregnancy, birth planning, and has been practicing birth work for 12 years. She is the owner and operator of The Doula House Of Refuge Postpartum Recovery Center, a private and affordable bed and breakfast for clients who may be discharged in unsafe and unstable environments. Eady has been an active member of The Atlanta Doula Collective, an on-call labor support and postpartum service, since October, 2018. Eady has trained with the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (now the National Association to Advanced , Advanced Black Births), Mothers Peace (G.R.R.A.C.E.E.) , and various indigenous midwives and birth workers of Atlanta, Georgia. What makes Eady most qualified to do this work, is that she has birthed 5 exceptional children of her own under various circumstances created from her imagination. She is passionate about encouraging parents to create their birth spaces, and she ultimately is passionate about maintaining and protecting those spaces in an effort for parents to welcome their children to Earth peacefully and gently.

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