I'm Pregnant!

And I Don't Know Who The Momma Is!


Photo by Gudrun David.

 I'm Pregnant. And I Don't Know Who the Momma Is! The Podcast is hosted by Tae Eady (doula, birth coach and proud mother of five) and her co-host and business partner Aimee McCoy; they discuss various stories and conversations about birth and birth planning to empower black women, expecting mothers, and families to ensure a safe and fulfilling entrance into parenthood.

Audience/Client Email: knowwhothemommais@gmail.com

Instagram: @igdoula2019

Hashtags: #ImPregnant #TheDoulaHouse #MamaTaeTae #BirthPlanning


Hi Tae and Aimee!


I enjoyed your podcast. I liked how you hit on some of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. I also liked how you compared the Medical Model of Care versus the Midwifery Model Of Care! I love what you are doing! Very unique and creative.


You both were funny too! Peace. 

- Mama Sarahn Henderson

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