I'm Pregnant!

And I Don't Know Who The Momma Is!


The Postpartum Art Experience

exibited at

The Doula House.




 What seems like minutes to us in the present day,  is hours of running and hiding for Kuzaaliwa and her band of escaped fugitives.  The Procreation Parade was inspired by science fiction writer Octavia Butler and novel writer Zora Neal Hurston. It is one of the many experimental theatrical events produced by The Aritzen Company that will have your heart pounding and your mind racing.


Buckle your seat belts because this time machine is taking off! In this hyper-immersive reality, you will literally transport from where ever you are to coastal Georgia, 1864, all in an effort to build and shield a safe environment for a mother to birth and a child to be born.


This experience will leave you with the primal instincts to keep going back to 1864 to protect Kuzaaliwa, her husband, her midwife and her unborn child from the merciless hands of evil scientists, bounty hunters, and slave catchers. 


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Created by Tae Eady
Written by Tae Eady and Aimee McCoy
Directed by Tae Eady and Aimee McCoy

If interested in sharing your Black birth experience on this artistic platform or if you are considering booking  IP!,  please email The Team at


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