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The Doula House on Airbnb

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Some women after giving birth are discharged into unstable, unsafe and abusive environments. So, I opened The Doula House. The Doula House is an affordable, safe, and secure private home for mothers and families who desire to recover from birth in a healing space. The Doula House also has the options of having a part - time or an around-the-clock doula to service you during your stay. If you are interested in birthing or healing at The Doula House, we can be found on Airbnb. Use the link below to learn more or book a private room at The Doula House. (See a review below.)

$18/night (for clients of Tae Eady or The Atlanta Doula Collective)

$22/night (for non-clients)

Tae's spot was perfect for what I needed. Tae is not only providing a safe, clean space for AirBNB guests, but her mission and work as a doula is critical and necessary. So glad to support your work! Thanks for everything, highly recommend!

- Kendell (AirBnb Guest)


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